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We handle all aspects of your event management needs, from set-up to tear down, and everything in between. We make sure your audience remains engaged and enamored with the story you’re telling, and you maintain peace-of-mind that the show will go on.

Select 1 Transport employs experienced event managers & specialists who oversee all aspects of the event, for any type of event.


Display Materials

Pop-up banners and marketing signage is a must to attract visitors. Tell us how you want it set up and we will follow the directions to a T.

Ride & Drive Equipment

The cars won’t drive alone. Our experts will accompany attendees in the vehicle and make sure it comes back in one piece.


An event display is nothing without the ‘oohs & aahs.’ We work closely with your team to make sure the bright lights & pulsing sounds are up to snuff.

We take as much pride in your vehicles as you do. We deem ourselves to be an extension of your team and it shows in the work we do to make you successful.

— Select 1 Transport