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Frequently Asked Questions

Open or Enclosed?

We offer open and enclosed car shipping services. Open car transport is the most frequently used and is the type of auto transport that you see on the highway where carriers are hauling exposed vehicles on one or two “open” decks or trailers. Enclosed shipping is when your vehicle is shipped in a trailer which has walls and a roof, they look like a larger version of a regular eighteen-wheeler. This method provides confidentiality and adds complete protection from the elements. This method is recommended for confidential assets and luxury, exotic or classic cars.


We can ship vehicles that are in non-running/inoperable condition. When inoperable cars are transported, we utilize a special auto carrier that includes a winch which is connected to your car and slowly and safely pulls your vehicle onto the carrier. There is generally an additional fee for inoperable vehicles because of the special equipment and extra work involved with securing the vehicle onto the transporter. If you have any questions before making this selection, please give one of our Transport Agents a call so that we can make you feel comfortable, and the proper arrangements can be made to accommodate your non-running vehicle.


Our advanced, nationwide network of specialized carriers can ship vehicles of virtually any size or configuration. Feel free to give one of our Transport Agents a call for a specialized rate quote if you have questions or concerns about the dimensions, weight or design features of the oversized or modified vehicle you would like to ship. If you simply choose “modified” on our online quote form, you may receive a call from one of our Transport Agents to ensure that we have all the necessary information to provide a safe transport process and quote.

Qualified, Experienced and Courteous Staff Drivers

Our Customer Service Transport Drive Team is Elite. At Select 1, we understand that we aren’t just moving “things” from place-to-place. Each transport we perform represents something precious to our clients that often means much more than just the intrinsic value of the vehicle or item being shipped. From pickup through final delivery, while our drivers are the custodians of your property, they treat it as if it is their own.