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Vehicle Shipping Terms and Conditions

Select 1 Transport Inc. (“Select 1”) is licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation as a motor carrier of property with U.S. DOT Number 673525. Our main office is located at 1749 Northwood Drive, Troy, Michigan 48084. Our telephone number is 877 810 9700.

  1. We will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to the address of pick-up and delivery as possible, if legal and safe.A mutually agreed upon place to load or unload may be necessary because of the locations. Shipper or their designee must be present.
  2. Select 1 will provide the vehicle Shipper or Receiver with estimated pick-up and delivery dates. Our driver will call you with specific times within 24 hours of service.Delays may occur prior to and / or during transport due to such conditions as road closures, weather, or other transportation issues. We are not responsible for delay damages, including lodging or car rentals.
  3. Your vehicle must be prepared for transportation.It must be operable for loading and unloading and during transportation. Your vehicle must be clean on the outside so that you and our driver can complete an inspection. Added external accessories are subject to removal at your expense in the sole discretion of our driver or will be subject to exclusion for insurance coverage. The vehicle should contain no more than one-half a tank of fuel. No personal items may be transported. Vehicle alarms must be deactivated prior to loading.
  4. At delivery our driver and the Receiver will inspect the vehicle for any damage not described or photographed at pick-up to confirm the condition of the vehicle and Receiver will sign a final copy of the Bill of Lading detailing the delivery condition and noting any possible transportation damages. Full payment of freight charges must be made before off-loading and final delivery.
  5. Select 1 will be responsible for the vehicle after the pre-loading inspection and Select 1’s responsibility for the vehicle ends when the vehicle is off-loaded.
  6. Select 1 is not responsible for weather or storm damage. Any damage claim must be made in writing within 24 hours of delivery via email to Claims@S1G.com. Valid claims will not be paid until freight charges are paid, per U.S. DOT regulations. Select 1’s liability is limited to replacement or repair of the damaged part(s). If the vehicle is unrepairable, liability is limited to the “actual cash value” for the make, model, year, and mileage of the vehicle. A vehicle owner may purchase additional insurance may be purchased upon application to Select 1 before pick-up by calling Select 1.