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Why Select 1 Transport

The vehicles you trust in our care have incredible value – whether it is monetary, sentimental or R&D-driven – and our top priority is ensuring the safe, secure and reliable transport of each and every one of them.

Getting vehicles from point A to point B is table stakes. We go the extra mile to ensure white glove treatment of your most valuable assets. We offer an expansive fleet, as well as facilities across the U.S., to provide a safe, secure, and tidy environment for vehicles during the entire transportation process.


We go the extra mile to ensure white glove treatment of your most valuable assets.

— Select 1 Transport

Vehicle security is our top priority for our customers. We often load straight from the plant and ensure vehicles are not visible to cameras or the public.

— Select 1 Transport


Our Equipment

Most carriers use flatbeds or freight trailers for all their customers’ transport needs. But Select 1 is different. Details matter. Our equipment is specific to hauling vehicles, both open and enclosed, and we use specified carriers to get vehicles delivered safely and securely.

Open Carriers

Our open carriers are used mainly for new vehicles and those that need to get safely and efficiently for driving events, but do not require climate control, weather protection or a high degree of confidentiality.

Closed Carriers

Our enclosed carriers are hard-sided and ensure ultimate privacy. Many also have powered lift gates so any vehicle with low ground clearance can be loaded safely. This is a popular choice among customers who have a need for secrecy when it comes to transporting their vehicles, or require vehicles be kept at a certain temperature while in transport.

Our Software

Our Select 1 multi operational network, known as S1MON, is a proprietary and custom software application designed to give our customers specific insight into the entire transportation process.


Vehicle tracking integrates directly within our platform to provide real-time location data that lets our customers follow every step of the delivery process.

Customer Control

Customers can also use our custom software application to request changes, track their orders, and view delivery receipts for invoicing. S1MON is just one more way we bring a personal touch to the precious cargo we deliver on behalf of our customers.


White glove treatment

Each vehicle gets the white-glove treatment of a floor mat, seat covering and steering wheel cover to protect all services and ensure cleanliness of the vehicle, inside and out. Even before COVID-19, we implemented a rigorous surface cleaning protocol for all vehicles we transport.

Our Industry Standards & Awards

Select 1 has earned some of the highest marks in the industry, including ISO:9001 certification for safety and operational practices.

Our driver training programs, combined with $2 million cargo insurance coverage and real-time vehicle tracking, demonstrate our commitment to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Our Premium, Professional drivers

Our dedicated drivers play a big part in our high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We use team drivers in many of our applications to meet each customer’s specific requirements and we follow all DOT regulations for hours and service.

Drivers are available for all customer needs, from being onsite at a photo shoot to being available to load a vehicle overnight to ensure vehicle security and on-time delivery to the destination.